nygard for septemberLilie’s Boutique

Picture the perfect garden setting.  Now, what would you love to be wearing?  Shop Lilie’s Boutique in Garry’s Garden Gallery for fashions like sundresses, tops and even the shoes to go with. We have a large selection of couture-inspired fashions without the hefty pricetags. No matter winter or summer you are sure to find an outfit you HAVE to have. We carry beautiful cruise wear and bathing suits for your winter get-away or nice, cozy sweaters to make you feel hot when it’s cold out.  No visit is complete without trying on one or two little things.  And remember, our clothing selection is always changing, so stop in often for some fashion inspiration.

With a passion for fashion, Lilie’s Boutique carries eco-friendly bamboo material fashions, casual to dressy clothing, jeans, slacks, tights and capris, Qudo interchangeable jewelry and stylish accessories to match. Lilie’s Boutique is perfect for ladies young and old, petite and plus, who want fashion for reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for comfortable gardening clothes or a gorgeous dress for a special occasion, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Lilie’s Boutique.
Located within Garry’s Garden Gallery, lies a stylish Boutique for young, middle-aged, mature, petite and plus-sized ladies, looking to add bursts of colour and fashion to their wardrobe! Lilie’s Boutique carries Canadian designed-made brands, such as Artex, Artisan,  Red Coral, NyGard, Papillon, Papa, and many more affordable yet beautiful fashion lines.