We’re the Water Gardening Experts

A water garden will turn your outdoor living space into a peaceful paradise. Garden Gallery has all the materials, plants, fish and expertise to help you create a spectacular water garden. Come in and talk to one of our Water Garden Experts, we can help you design and plan your project to ensure professional results…then sit back and listen to the water.

Pond Liners
Create your backyard pond to any shape or size that you desire with a durable pond liner from Garden Gallery. Our pond liners are durable and fish safe. Available in 10′, 15′ and 20′ widths at most locations. See in-store for complete selection.

Pond pumps, fountains and filters
A water pump is the heart of your pond, it provides constant water circulation and water flow for continuous filtration. Garden Gallery carries a complete selection of pumps for all your water gardening needs. Come in and talk to one of our water gardening experts today. We can help you select the perfect pump for you pond.

L.E.D. Lighting…
LED Lights make a spectacular addition to your water garden. Can be used in or out of water and are ideal for highlighting plants and water features. See in-store for our complete selection.

Water Ripple Fountain Kit
Enjoy the soothing sounds of a self contained water feature for your backyard. The Water Ripple Fountain Kit features a natural granite composite finish fountain that is weather resistant, lightweight and easy to install. Includes 1/2″ diameter hose for pump connection, pump and durable plastic basin. 30 litre capacity. See our completer selection in-store.

Water Gardening Plants
Bring you water garden to life with Garden Gallery’s great selection of water garden plants. When you make your plant selection remember to consider both the decorative qualities and the practical value of each plant. The right combination of plants will oxygenate the water, compete with algae to keep the water clear and absorb nitrogen to help balance the pond’s ecosystem. It is important not to overcrowd your pond. The size of your pond will determine the total number of plants that you need, the general rule of thumb is plants should not cover more than two thirds of the water’s surface.

There are four basic types of water gardening plants – floating plants, surface plants, submerged or oxygenating plants and marginal or bog plants. Ideally your water garden feature should include plants from each of these categories.

1.  Floating Plants
These plants float directly on the surface of the water and can be featured anywhere in the pond. By shading the water they reduce the light needed for algae to grow. Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce are examples of floating plants.

2.  Surface Plants
Are plants that have their roots embedded in soil and feature long stems with leaves that float on top of the water. They also block sunlight to help control the growth of algae. Water Lilies are a good example of a surface plant.

3.  Submerged or Oxygenating Plants
As their name suggests these plants remain underwater, rarely extending above the surface. They can float freely or be rooted in soil. These plants are important for maintaining the quality of your pond water by producing oxygen for both plants and fish. Hornwort is a good example of a submerged or oxygenating plant.

4.  Marginal or Bog Plants
These plants should be planted in the shallow areas of your pond or in very moist soil along the pond perimeter. Marginal and Bog plants help to control algae by competing for available nitrogen. Corkscrew and Water Celery are good examples of Marginal or Bog Plants.

Pond Fish
Add colour and life to your pond with Garden Gallery’s great selection of pond fish. Pond fish will add shimmering colours, water movement and even offer mosquito control for your back yard water garden feature. Our pond fish thrive in cold water are hardy and suitable for overwintering. They make excellent pond pets. Check with your local Garden Gallery for availability.

Fish Food
Selecting the right fish food for your water garden and pond fish is important to overall health of your pond and fish. Come in and talk to the Water Gardening Experts at Garden Gallery. We can help you choose the right food and provide you with the right advice to help maintain a healthy pond.

Water Garden Soil
Our water garden soil is specially formulated for container-grown aquatic plants and is perfect for repotting wetland plants.

Components have been specially formulated for container-grown aquatic plants and are perfect for repotting wetland plants. This mix contains peat humus, sand, volcanic basalt, pelletized clay, and calcic stone. Meets National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines.